• International student? Exchange student? Local student? Doesn't matter! Join the the ESN family today, to make your student life in Lund more interesting!
  • You will spend at least 5 months of your life in this awesome city. We are here to make it a lot better!

Join ESN!

Experience Scandinavia with ESN Lund and get swedified!

Become an ESN member today, by just following 2 steps:

1. Click the button on the left (ESN Star), fill in the form     

2. Drop by our ESN office, located in the AF Building, on 4th floor, to get your ESN card!                        

The ESN card is valid for 1 year, all across Europe, and it's only 50SEK! It gives you access to all of our activities and offers you event discounts and also web retailers discounts, such as Airbnb and New Yorker!

Visit ESNcard for a list of all offered discounts.                                                                                                            


Quick Tips for Your Introduction Week

→ DON’T GET A SIM CARD. You’ll be given one on arrival day + we have plenty of them in the office. If you’re getting here earlier than the arrival day, you can still PM us and we could meet up and give you one.

→ Be a mentee! Join the mentorship program; your introduction weeks will be so much more fun and you’ll meet some of your closest friends for the upcoming semester. To join the program (if you haven't already or your group hasn't contacted you by 5th August) just pm us and we'll set you up!

→ Get a bike. Trust us, you’ll need one.

→ Pay for the Studentlund card within your first week! It is essential you have one to enter the student clubs (nations). These can be purchased at the nations or online.

→ Get an ESN Lund card asap as you will need this card to attend the ESN parties and trips such as the Lapland (northern lights) trip, etc. These can be purchased at our office or on the Student Association Fair

→ Want to reach out to other members? Join this fb group:

→ Some good fb groups/links:
To buy and sell cheap stuff:
Cheap bikes and course literature: ”Lundaböcker”
More cheap course literature:

As always, feel free to pm us. This semester will be awesome and we're super excited about it.