From the team that brought “Bright in the Dark” and “Around the World”… The academic year is close to the end, spring is in the air and with it minds get crazier. Not many more chances to have an event like this…What do you say to another epic party in GB nation? //BAD TASTE PARTY// is here! And the question now is: HOW CRAZY CAN YOU GO?!

For the ones that are a little bit lost at the moment: the bad taste theme party is your chance to show your cheesy side to the world. Take the bull by the horns – you'll see. You won't have to worry about how you look, so you can party and dance with no inhibitions at all. Just put on a bad taste costume in loud colors, impossible pattern mixes and embarrassing shapes – then party hard! Wigs, tacky sunglasses, crazy accessories, colorful face painting…The crazier the better! How far can you get?

Does it sound good? Then come by the office and pick up your tickets before they fly!

# Sittning+party: 130kr
Predrink is at 19:00 and sittning starts at 19:30. We need to know if you have any food preferences or allergies. With this option you will be registered in our list and get the ticket for the party after the sittning in the nation. Last day to sign up is 30th of april.

# Party: 50 kr.
Club opens at 22:30. With pre-paid ticket you can skip the line until 23:00 ;)

As we have been doing in many of our past events and taking into consideration that we are having the Erasmus Social Week (, profits will be donated. In this case to help Youth Action Nepal build a Youth Resource Center. Have a look here if you wanna know more:

08/05/2015 - 19:00