Want to experience a typical Swedish weekend in the countryside? Are you up for some barbecuing, hiking, sauna and partying close to nature with good friends?

ESN Lund is offering you just that in a BIG cottage featuring its OWN SEPARATE sauna building!

**** WHEN AND WHERE? ****

The trip will take place 20th - 22nd April. We will leave from Lund C (at the entrance next to ICA) on Friday morning, take the bus together to the village of Dalby, and walk the last few meters.
We will take the trip back to Lund early afternoon on Sunday.


The price for the whole weekend is 550kr, which includes:

* Accommodation in the cottage
* Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
* Sauna
* Bonfire food such as marshmallows and sausages
* FUN activities

!! Bring your own bed linen AND BLANKET or a sleeping bag! (There are only beds with bare mattresses at the cottage)
!! Check the weather forecast and bring appropriate clothes! There WILL be outdoor activities!

Also bring your own:
- Beverages & Snacks
- Swimwear and/or Towel for Sauna
- Internet (There is no WIFI at the cottage!)

You will be part of preparing the meals, as well as cleaning afterward. We will decide on teams for each task once we are at the cottage.

Only 26 places are available, don't miss out!

* Transportation is not included, but tickets can be easily bought through Skanetrafiken

Aditional cost of 3,4%+3,25 SEK is charged when buying online

Food Preferences
ESN Card Number
Please write down any allergie

20/04/2018 - 09:00 to 22/04/2018 - 12:00