Vattenriket is close to the train station (Kristianstad C) and one of the trails they offer is called Linnerundan. This trail explores the landscape first described by the Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus, 250 years ago. A wetland wonderland of seasonally flooded pastures, reeds and rushes close to the city centre – home to marsh harriers, eagles and geese in winter, and curlew, lapwing and common snipe in summer.
From the naturum Vattenriket cross the river to the nearby Kanalhuset outdoor museum. Then follow the wooden boardwalk through dense thickets of willow to the seasonally flooded grasslands and a panoramic view of the birdlife there from Isternäset observation tower. Halfway round the walk are the ruins of Lillö’s medieval castle. Further on, Härlövsborg observation tower offers wonderful views over Isternäset. Nearby, lesser spotted woodpecker nest in the damp broadleaf woods around the old waterlogged clay pits. Keys to Lillö and Kanalhuset are available at the naturum
Sign up via 8 people max.
The hike is 6km and we start at around 10.50 and head back to Lund at around 15.00!
Bring suitable clothes like waterproof shoes, a windproof jacket and gloves, also bring lunch or snacks, and water.
The event is free, but you need to buy a train ticket.
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10/04/2021 - 09:00