Welcome to our open mic night!

In association with Smålands nation, we present to you ESN Between the Lines - an event for poets, musicians and much, much more to unleash your boundless creativity to the world of Lund!

Due to the astounding number of talented artists who performed at our last open mic event, we have decided to organize another event for poets, musicians, singers, comedians and anyone else who wants to perform. 

And for those who want not to perform, Smålands pub will be ready to serve you. 

As it is an open mic event, there will always be room for those inspired audience members to come and enter the spotlight. The event is free, so don't hold back!

Sign-up here to perform!

*this event is on the same night as Technoasis and will therefore have to end by 22.00. Suggested after-party: TECHNOASIS!

12/10/2018 - 19:00 to 22:00
  • Everyone is invited.