For hundreds of years the Danes were an unstoppable force of warriors, explorers and settlers –
conquering Scandinavia, discovering America and bringing terror to the shores of Europe (and the Brits thought they made Colonialism cool, ha!).
Today Copenhagen’s history of fire and bloody battles lies hidden behind picturesque streets and
colorful harbors.

14:30 Meet Group Leaders outside Lekia (At Lund C)
16:00-18:00: Walking Tour
20:00 Pub Crawl!

★Do not forget passport!★

The trip cost's 380kr and INCLUDES:
-2 hour walking tour given by professional guides in copenhagen!
*Private bus transportation TO Copenhagen (not inc. return)
*Copenhagen Pub Crawl tour with an open bar and club at the end!

But wait there is more...
On the Pub Crawl you will also get lots of FREE drinks!
- 4 bars, a free shot at each bar
- 1 club, free entry to the club
- FREE BAR at the Club all night! (Beer)

If you know anything about Danish (and Swedish) prices you could never do a night out for this
cheap in Copenhagen!


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08/02/2020 - 14:30