Ellie Stroud, Sharon Fritsche, Akos Matern, Bauke ter Borg and Jonathan Peterson
PR team
To start us off, our Star of the Month for March goes to…the PR team! 
The PR committee is made up of two PR managers, Ellie Stroud and Sharon Fritsche, and two media managers, Akos Matern and Bauke ter Borg. Some of you may know Ellie from her control of the Instagram account, and Sharon as sports ambassador last semester. Our media people, although both new from this semester, have been active participants in both smaller and bigger trips, so if you haven’t met them yet you will very soon. Together, this team help the communication manager create and promote all our events on social media, and promote them to our members and students. The roles they have within the council are very demanding, and require them to work with all members on council to coordinate everything. 
Although not on PR committee, a special mention goes to Jonathan Peterson (party) for all the the Swedish translating of posts and event he does.