Christmas is here!
These turbulent times have left us without many parties and events and we’re missing one of the most traditional and iconic activities of Lund student life: Sittnings!
Hundred people joined us last year for a fantastic Christmas sittning, and we’re excited to continue with this tradition. Since we cannot gather it in a physical venue this time, let’s get together in Zoom and celebrate our first Online Christmas Sittning!!
We will propose a three-course menu for the night that you can cook at home by yourself or with a small group of friends.
Get ready to start by 19:30, when ESN Party Ambassadors will open the sittning and the night will begin!
We will prepare a little songbook for some uncoordinated singing and have some “live” performances to liven up the party!
When we are having our dinner and there is no common singing or performances, you will be placed in different tables (breakout rooms) to eat together and chat about how bad the singing was ;)
Sign up in the link below and specify if you want to be seated with someone else (digitally) or if you will be sitting with someone else (physically), so we can arrange the seating plan in the best way.
Sign up here until the 16th of December:
If you’d like to offer a short performance during the sittning (music, poetry, acting…), please send us an email to and we’ll make it happen!
We hope you’re as excited as we are for having this online party together!
Stay safe and party responsibly!
Because of the new restrictions, a maximum of 8 people will be allowed to come and we will practice social distancing at all times.
ESN Lund is a recognised association within the Academic Society (
17/12/2020 - 19:30