Sittnings are one of the most traditional and beloved events of Lund student life. You might have heard that they are fancy dinners where people eat, drink and sing, but these events might still be a mystery for many new students... How fancy should I dress and are there different dress codes? What kind of songs do they sing? What's the difference between a sittning and a ball? What is a sexmästare?
You will find the answers to all these questions while enjoying a nice dinner and meeting people at our Sittning for Beginners with ESN Lund!
We will be hosting an online sittning were we show how sittnings work so you can be ready for the moment when physical sittnings start happening again! We will propose a three-course menu with traditional Swedish food that you can prepare at home, sit in front of your computer and join us for a fun night!
To organize the event better, we'd like to ask you to sign up before, and let us know if you have seating preferences:
Join us on the 21st of January at 19:30 via:
Our Party Ambassadors will show all the details you need to know about sittnings and we will sing some uncoordinated songs together. In between songs and shows, you will be placed in different tables (breakout rooms) where you can meet new people, chat and enjoy the night with digital company.
21/01/2021 - 19:30